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Who needs to see a sleep physician?

Snorers and patients with non refreshing sleep

Snoring and sleep apnea are prevalent in a large subset of the population. Both can lead to disruption in the continuity of sleep. This leads to sleep fragmentation. The best tool to assess a patient for Sleep Apnea is polysomnography. While polysomnography is superior, many insurances prefer that a home sleep study be performed first. this is acceptable for most patients.

Parasomnia and Sleep Walking

Not all movement in sleep is sleep walking. While children sleep walk often, this is rarer in adults and can be provoked by alcohol and medication too. Sleep walking however should be distinguished from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD). This is a neuro-degenrative disorder first described in 1986, and has been linked to development of Parkinsons disease. Polysomnography is the first step to diagnose this disorder.

Kids have sleep problems too!

As any parent can testify, a child that sleeps well, grows well. Your pediatrician is the best physician for your child but a sleep physician can help with unique non-medication strategies. No medication is FDA approved for insomnia in kids. Sleep apnea is common in snoring children, and often misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. Pediatric sleep apnea is diagnosed using polysomnography. Our technicians are great with kids and we ask that a parent spend the night at the sleep lab with the child. The treatment may be as simple as tonsillectomy.