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The goal of our practice is to educate our patients about sleep, it’s importance, and seek to do as little as necessary medically to ensure good sleep length and quality. Although we believe CPAP is the best therapy for sleep apnea, we always listen to what our patients want. After all the treatment of any disease should not be worse than the disease itself. If a patient would like an oral appliance (dental brace) for sleep apnea, we are happy to refer them to good sleep trained dentists in the community if such treatment is medically indicated.

Our clinic also prides itself in treating the entire spectrum of sleep disorders, from insomnia to sleep disordered breathing.

Our excellent, state of the art 2 bed sleep lab is also equipped to test for all sleep disorders in patients aged 6 years and over.

Our Staff


 Akhil Raghuram, MD (Board Certified Sleep medicine physician) 

Patient reviews

“I am a Sleep medicine physician and devote a 100% of my practice to treating sleep disorders. I am also not ashamed to call myself a ‘sleep nerd’.  Treating patients and hearing success stories brings me joy. Also a full time dad and husband , I love the ‘Couve.”


Janette Johnston, RPSGT (Clinical Specialist in DME Clinical Sleep Educator)

“I’m passionate about sleep to the point that my friends laugh at me when I point out their sleep hygiene issues.  But I am so aware of how tied good sleep is to a healthy, happy living and nothing brings me more satisfaction than a well rested patient that has been suffering and has found relief.  I’ve been in sleep medicine for over 9 years, and I love it more every year.  I’m lucky to be a part of a clinic as passionate as I am about sleep health.”