Home Sleep Study

Many patients find dealing with a potential sleep disorder overwhelming. You may be fearful, or simply dread the idea of undergoing time-consuming and expensive evaluation and treatment. Home sleep testing, though accurate and easy to use, is only for evaluation of obstructive sleep apnea or other sleep breathing disorders.

Home sleep testing is not as accurate as a polysomnogram and is not used as a screening tool. This means that a “normal” result on the home sleep testing is not very useful and often leads to testing with the more accurate polysomnogram. An “abnormal” result on the other hand can allow patient to be trialed on CPAP treatment quickly and save a patient the need for expensive, lab based testing.

Additionally, certain pre existing medical conditions such as use of opioid pain medications, COPD and Heart Failure may interfere or skew the results of home sleep testing. Such patients should undergo a polysomnogram.

As with any testing at Vancouver Sleep Center, we will always have your test pre-authorized with your insurance so you will know how much a test costs before undergoing it.